Multi Basket Playground by Llobet & Pons


Studio from Barcelona Llobet & Pons envisioned as part of the 2013 triennial Setouchi this Multibasket Backboard, which offers not one but six baskets. An incongruous setting, which allows to increase the number of players to discover in pictures now.

Llobet & Pons | Barcelona, Spain

awesome-design-ideas-Multi-Basket-Playground-llobet-Pons-2 awesome-design-ideas-Multi-Basket-Playground-llobet-Pons-3 awesome-design-ideas-Multi-Basket-Playground-llobet-Pons-4 awesome-design-ideas-Multi-Basket-Playground-llobet-Pons-5 awesome-design-ideas-Multi-Basket-Playground-llobet-Pons-6

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