Storage Heater by Lucie Smyslová


Designer about project Lucie Smyslová: “This diploma work is searching for a new view on a design of tiled stove (a storage heater). Finally a modular accumulative system is the result of the work and it’s realized as a model from fully functional materials 1: 1. The idea of the project is based on using of a special accumulative concrete material as a constructive element, that’s also attractive in an appearance, on a modularity that makes a production much more easier in accordance to traditional tiled stove and on a variability of a look and an output by using the only form. Moreover there is also bio-furnace supposed to be to increase an efficiency and to reduce an amount of flue gases.”

Designer Lucie Smyslová | Photos Adéla Kanturková – Husáková | Czech Republic

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