Roll it – mobile move House by Christian Zwick & Konstantin Jerabek


Students from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany have created a flexible housing solution that makes the most of its minimal interior space in a very unusual way. The draft was part of a design competition in collaboration with the Institute for Industrial Design and Construction Output, and resulted in a tubular piece of architecture that symbolizes the home’s mobility.  The mattress for the bed is attached by velcro, with pillows and blankets stored in a cupboard underneath.  The central segment can be decoupled from the rest and used for exercise.  A sink is recessed into the wall, with a water tank above it.  And the toilet is mounted on hinges that keep it from turning upside-down, regardless of the surrounding motion – thank goodness.

Christian Zwick and Konstantin Jerabek came up with the “Roll it” idea when working on a project that explored the concept of “mobile and space-efficient construction.”

Christian Zwick | Konstantin Jerabek | Germany

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