Octopus Shower Caddy by Formverkert


Octopuses are extremely intelligent creatures. They’ve been known to correctly predict the future, escape from the tiniest of openings, and even open jars… from inside! They now add another trick to their arsenal of awesomeness. Holding your toiletries with their eight rather useful arms!

The Octopus Shower Caddy isn’t obviously a real octopus, but it takes inspiration from the animal, providing 8 rather handy arms (tentacles?) that conveniently hold onto your personal toiletries from your shampoo and shower gel, to your moisturizer and hair serum. Made from silicone, the arms do a good job of gripping even the smoothest bottles without letting go of them, allowing you to access all your essentials without accidentally knocking things around or spilling containers with your wet hands… because puny human is clumsy. Mighty octopus is not!

Design by Formverkert

BUY NOW: $32.95

adi_octopus_shower_caddy_1 adi_octopus_shower_caddy_4

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