Baby nightlight by Jeongdae Kim


If you’re like me and love falling asleep with a little bit of light on, you also know how disruptive that light can be once you actually fall asleep! Then there’s getting up to shut it off… and by the time you get back to bed you’re entire sleep pattern is a mess.

That is, unless you have “Sleeping I”… its an innovative nightlight that gradually dims as you doze off. Just like you, the adorable character closes its sleepy “eyes” to reduce the amount of light showing through. Better yet, there’s a built-in speaker so it doubles as a Bluetooth audio device when you’re awake. Designed for kids who have trouble falling asleep, it’s one some of us adults can appreciate too!

Design by  Jeongdae Kim

adi_2_sleeping_10 adi_3_sleeping_12 adi_4_sleeping_13 adi_5_sleeping_14 adi_6_sleeping_07 adi_7_sleeping-08 adi_8_sleeping_00

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