Nota mug by Lee Hae Seung. Scott


‘넣다’(Neohta) means, put in/ into, insert, slot etc, ‘놓다’(Nohta) means, lay, put, place, set etc in Korean.
This design provides a new experience for the user in that the mug itself holds on to the spoon while the user drinks his ‘teh’ (tea) or ‘kopi’ (coffee) from a cup/ mug with no saucer. When I had my first meal at a hawker centre, I realized that many people around me drink kopi or teh while holding the spoon with the cup and stir making ‘clang, clang’ sounds. They do not have any saucer to put their spoon on and the table is not sanitized. The user simply put his tea spoon in the cup, let it lay naturally while they drink. The NOTA mug is designed to prevent the spoon from moving around in the cup and irritating the user; hopefully it becomes a ‘notable’ cup, different from others.

Lee Hae Seung. Scott | Seoul Korea

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