Chong Kopi Set by Celia Law


In the past, many households would start the day using the same humble method of brewing a big pot of coffee for everyone in the family. Amazingly, there was always a constant supply of coffee in the pot. This was no exception in my family too, and the coffee was the only “sweet” drinks I got when young. Every day, my grandma would serve me her freshly brewed coffee to go with my afternoon snacks.

Sadly as time passes, such memories starts to fade along with my grandma’s coffee brewing habits and culture.

Growing up in this coffee-loving family, it is not surprising that I am intrigued by the unique & creative way of brewing coffee with simple utensils like coffee socks with a few humble containers. It’s amazing how such simple tools can work together to make coffee taste so different.


Designer Celia Law about project: “My intent is to encourage family cohesiveness by integrating fun, interaction, culture and heritage into one simple process of brewing coffee.

The design is a well integrated coffee set with interesting mixture of materials. Not only does it serves coffee, it also visually appeal to its surroundings. It captures the spirit of Asia coffee making culture with a twist.”


Growing up, my most unforgettable memories are related to the five senses.
SMELL – aroma of coffee + SOUND – pouring of coffee + SIGHT – process of brewing coffee + taste – courage to try black coffee = FEEL – warmth and love from grandma”.


Designer Celia Law | Singapore City, Singapore



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