Herb Pots Packaging by Henry Roberts and Felicitas Ohnesorge


Design student  Henry Roberts about project:

“The aim of this project was to create a simple solution to a problem we identified in packaging, the chosen topic here being packaging of herb pots in supermarkets. A problem we identified was the lack of protection for the plants while transporting them home from the super market, no option for carrying the plants other than holding the pot and no tray attached underneath for watering the plants.

To resolve this we created a simple cone shaped, cardboard package with a carry hole and a tear strip in the middle. We designed the package this way so when the consumer arrived home they could rip the top half of the package off, fold along the dotted lines and fold the top half down into a tray for the pot to go into.
Because of the way we designed this package there is now protection for the plant, the consumer has the ability to carry the plant easily and there is little to no wastage of materials.”

Henry Roberts  | Felicitas Ohnesorge


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  1. Love your ideas for herbal packaging. We are a non-profit in West Palm Beach and are ready to sell our wonderful herbs from our organic garden. What material are these made of and also do you have packaging for cut herbs as well

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