Zen Circus yoga by Caroline Kermarrec, Alexia Moisan & Kevin Geffroy


Zen Circus is a piece of fitness furniture between circus and yoga inspired by antigravity yoga. It permits the user to tone up muscles freed from gravity’s effects. After the exercises, the user can relax by creating a cocoon.

Designers: Caroline KermarrecAlexia Moisan  and Kevin Geffroy | France

awesome-design-ideas-Zen-Circus-yoga-Caroline-Kermarrec-Alexia-Moisan-Kevin-Geffroy-2 awesome-design-ideas-Zen-Circus-yoga-Caroline-Kermarrec-Alexia-Moisan-Kevin-Geffroy-3 awesome-design-ideas-Zen-Circus-yoga-Caroline-Kermarrec-Alexia-Moisan-Kevin-Geffroy-4 awesome-design-ideas-Zen-Circus-yoga-Caroline-Kermarrec-Alexia-Moisan-Kevin-Geffroy-5

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