Transitory bookshelf by Robert Stadler


Robert Stadler born in  Viena, Austria. Now he working at Studio Robert Stadler in Paris. “Transitory bookshelf” points out a well known dilemma : books are piling up at home because we lack time to read them. This object combines two inclined platforms which help us to handle the situation: the “read!” section reminds us that we should take time to read; the “read.” section’s purpose is to digest books we have recently read before they disappear into the jungle of our main bookshelf. With its form, the Origami-like object reminds us a folded envelope. “Transitory bookshelf” is made out of 4 mm Alupanel®, an aluminium composite. The object is cut out, incised for folding and engraved by a CAD controlled machine in just one single process. “Transitory bookshelf” stacks and becomes extremely rigid once glued together.

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