The Komorebi Lamp by Leslie Nooteboom


The Komorebi lamp is a hallmark of great product design because its idea and execution reflects uniqueness and sheer brilliance. Designed to illuminate, but in a way that is seemingly natural and definitely desirable, the lamp doesn’t emit light, but the illusion of sunlight coming to you from your window.

On the inside of the Komorebi lies a projector, that contains video loops of light-patterns that form on walls when sunlight peers through trees, or reflects off water bodies. Select the style you find most ambient and Komorebi casts a beautiful and realistic light shimmer on the wall, looking just like the sun entering your room. What’s more incredible is Komorebi’s ability to position itself and point the reflection at different parts of the wall, corresponding with the sun’s movement from east to west with the passing of time.

London-based designer Leslie Nooteboom is currently looking for investors and product development specialists who can help him translate this from prototype to a final product… and why not? The Komorebi may just easily be the most beautiful lamp ever built.

Design by Leslie Nooteboom

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