Saving Money “Tze Kor Saver” by Erene Teo


Tze Kor Saver will bring about a nostalgic feeling, the art of saving money that we all once have. Saving a coin in a piggy bank shall not be a ‘passing-by’ memory that is forgotten. The notion of seeing your money grows physically has been taken over tremendously by the digital numbers on the bank book nowadays. I hope to recapture the learning habit of saving each and every dollar or coin. Putting a coin each day in the container require self-discipline and often a thrifty mindset in your daily activities. With each and every coin/dollar you inserted and saved up till, for an instance to buy that particular pairs of shoes, dress or present, you will find that these items you bought have a lot more sense of lasting value and significance because it is worth it. Unlike the traditional piggy bank, Tze Kor Saver is my new reinterpretation and reinvention of saving coins, in a more amusing and entertaining way.

Erene Teo | Singapore City, Singapore

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