Pop Lamp by Diana Dumitrescu


Bringing some fun to the space created Diana Dumitrescu Poop Lamp. Lamp with a unique environment of different colors. Each lamp usb rechargeable comes in a metal that represents the color of the lamp inside.

Diana Dumitrescu: “I got the idea when a friend of mine told me about another project that was stupid. So I decided to create a lamp stupid. “

awesome-design-ideas-pop-lamp-Diana-Dumitrescu-2 awesome-design-ideas-pop-lamp-Diana-Dumitrescu-3 awesome-design-ideas-pop-lamp-Diana-Dumitrescu-4 awesome-design-ideas-pop-lamp-Diana-Dumitrescu-5 awesome-design-ideas-pop-lamp-Diana-Dumitrescu-6

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