PEAK Bag / Backpack by Marija Puipaitė, Moses Kang & Julius Bučelis


The PEAK Messenger bag & backpack meets all requirements – the bag can be easily transformed into a backpack and vice versa. The PEAK messenger bag & backpack therefore has many special sizes and layout compartments, helping one to organize various digital devices and daily essentials. The easy-care material meets the needs of people living life on the go.

Designers: Marija Puipaitė ; Moses KangJulius Bučelis | onetwo  Photographer: Justė Boreikaitė   | Vilnius, Lithuania

awesome-design-ideas-ADi-PEAK-acme-Bag-Backpack-Marija-Puipaite-Moses-Kang-Julius-Bucelis-2 awesome-design-ideas-ADi-PEAK-acme-Bag-Backpack-Marija-Puipaite-Moses-Kang-Julius-Bucelis-3 awesome-design-ideas-ADi-PEAK-acme-Bag-Backpack-Marija-Puipaite-Moses-Kang-Julius-Bucelis-4 awesome-design-ideas-ADi-PEAK-acme-Bag-Backpack-Marija-Puipaite-Moses-Kang-Julius-Bucelis-5 awesome-design-ideas-ADi-PEAK-acme-Bag-Backpack-Marija-Puipaite-Moses-Kang-Julius-Bucelis-6

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