Modular Wall Shelving System Box by Pekka Kuivamäki


Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki has created this versatile wall shelving system called Box 1-7 in collaboration with Spanish company Be a Malevich. Box 1-7 is a modular shelf made of seven identical boxes of different sizes. The boxes are combined with seven natural leather ropes of different lengths which allows them to hang from a single nail on the wall. As a hanging shelf, the different sizes of the boxes and the different lengths of the ropes offer countless ways to arrange and rearrange Box 1-7 on the wall. Box 1-7 adapts to the changing needs and to the changing moods of its user.

awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-2 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-3 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-4 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-5 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-6 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-7 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-8 awesome-design-ideas-Modular-Wall-Shelving-System-Box-Pekka-Kuivamaki-9


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