Land Peel: foldable floor mat by Shin Yamashita


Japanese industrial design student Shin Yamashita from the Kyoto Institute of Technology designed the Land Peel: a flexible three-piece mat made for sitting, reading, even napping by simply lifting and folding the panels to create a table, a seat or rest.
awesome-design-ideas-Land-Peel-foldable-floor-mat-Shin-Yamashita-2 awesome-design-ideas-Land-Peel-foldable-floor-mat-Shin-Yamashita-3 awesome-design-ideas-Land-Peel-foldable-floor-mat-Shin-Yamashita-4 awesome-design-ideas-Land-Peel-foldable-floor-mat-Shin-Yamashita-5 awesome-design-ideas-Land-Peel-foldable-floor-mat-Shin-Yamashita-6

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