Lamps by Jarosław Jankowiak for Aello


Designer Jarosław Jankowiak about project: “Lamp N16 was to be technical and simple. It is inspired by the climate of lofts. The used materials  - painted aluminum and white glass give it an elegant character.”


“N15 lamp gives the interior a warm climate. Traditional materials which are wood and fabric are denying its unusual form. Can be used both indoors with a more traditional character and those more advanced.”


“Aello as the duo took off at the beginning of 2013, combining knowledge of design and wood technology.

Aello designs a wide range of objects, such as lamps, furnishings or furniture.Our designs are a reaction to the increasingly frequent appearance in the world of plastic, unnatural items. Our designs are meant to stand in opposition. Although we use natural “traditional” materials – especially glass and wood – they are still modern and universal. We hope they fit into the style of the modern world. We want to give you “something to be proud of”- says Jarosław Jankowiak.

Designer Jarosław Jankowiak | Aello | Poland

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