Kulle Chill-out zone by Stefanie Schissler


German designer Stefanie Schissler created the concept for an original looking upholstered daybed. As the designer herself stated, the overall goal of the project was to create the ultimate relaxation place. A chill-out zone that calls out to the user with its genuine appearance; one should feel the comfort just by looking at it.

“Kulle was created to evoke the instinctive feelings of safety and relaxation. It is addressing our sense of touch combined with curiosity and the desire to explore things. In order to prevent the increasing consumption we as designers should think of new ways to enhance the lifespans of the products in our everyday life. Persistence means sustainability. But how does one achieve a long-life cycle when it comes to the products we’re surrounded by. I believe, that one way could be to emotionally connect.“, Stephanie said.

Designer Stefanie Schissler | Germany

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