Hug Me Collection by Chan Si Leong


In order to make people feel warm and hugged, some of the clothes would be padding and the hands (gloves) would be adding wad to make it looks puffy as childish soft toys. Some pieces are also to keep repeating a certain part to make people feeling full and not alone or enlarge the scale by magnifying a certain part on clothes, which makes people feel a sense of relief.

Everybody needs hug, Don’t you?

Design Chan Si Leong | Photos Sara Pista

awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-1 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-2 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-3 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-4 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-5 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-6 awesome-design-ideas-Hug-Me-Collection-Chan-Si-Leong-7

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