Hi&Bye Coat Rack by Juan Tomás Carboneras, Leire Pérez and Arkaitz Arco


Spanish studio creation composed of  Juan Tomás Carboneras, Leire Pérez and Arkaitz Arco presents their portmanteau concept called HI & BYE. The studio offers us another way to store, organize your entry and all with a certain “class”. A white wood frame, alignment rods wood finish as umbrella tips will allow you to hang, ask your business and thus relieve you as soon as possible.

Designers Juan Tomás Carboneras, Leire Pérez and Arkaitz Arco | Gauzak | Spain

awesome-design-ideas-Hi&Bye-Coat-Rack-Juan-Tomas-Carboneras-Leire-Perez-Arkaitz-Arco-2 awesome-design-ideas-Hi&Bye-Coat-Rack-Juan-Tomas-Carboneras-Leire-Perez-Arkaitz-Arco-3 awesome-design-ideas-Hi&Bye-Coat-Rack-Juan-Tomas-Carboneras-Leire-Perez-Arkaitz-Arco-4 awesome-design-ideas-Hi&Bye-Coat-Rack-Juan-Tomas-Carboneras-Leire-Perez-Arkaitz-Arco-5

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