Floating Lamps by Angela Jansen & Ger Jansen


Welcome to the future!

It took the brains of designer Angela Jansen and the mechanical and electrical engineer Ger Jansen to create the lamps of the future. They really mix the old with the new. The old comes from the classic lamp shapes. The new emerges from the technology used and displayed. you pay close attention to these table lamps, you will notice that their top is floating. Yes, you read correctly: the top part levitates due to a special technology that they developed. If you are looking for a true conversation piece to add to your living room or your home office desk, these two lamps will do it.

Designer Angela Jansen : “What makes this lamp float is the integrated levitation technology. It consists of electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system. Next the fact that they employ the very latest LED technology, the lamp is low in power consumption too. With a touch of your fingertip, the lamp can be dimmed to the intensity you require.”

Angela Jansen | Ger Jansen | Floating Lamps

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