Epilogue to the Incandescent Bulb by Raviv Lifshitz


“The classic incandescent bulb, now celebrating its one hundred and thirtieth anniversary, is facing the end of its reign. Sales of this bulb have almost ceased in many countries around the world and it is gradually being taken out of service for ecological reasons. Many regret the loss of the warm quality of the light produced by the bulbs, symbolizing a household “Pillar of Fire” regarded as a foundation of modern life. “Epilogue to the Incandescent Bulb” conveys our “last respects” to the incandescent bulb by intensifying the light source of one bulb through a system of magnifying glasses projecting its light with an intensified texture and vigor on the walls of the surrounding space thanks to the optics of magnifying glasses.”

Raviv Lifshitz | Izrael

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