Convert table by Stefanie Schissler


Convert was developed out of the need for more and more flexibility in all areas. A table should not only be space-saving, but also offer as much work space as possible. In addition it should be adjustable for height and as light as possible, to be repositioned all the time. After analyzing such interactions between human and product, we came up with the idea of developing a new kind of table, which is subdivided into three layers. The table is suitable to every situation of height, usage and situation concerning the user.

Convert doesn’t only provide the opportunity to eat and to prepare a meal, but also to work or as a kind of small buffet for events. It’s designed for smaller households. Each single element can easily be used by sliding it out. So it provides different amount of space and different seat and standing heights. All in all the table is designed lightly and without attending too much attention. The material consumption is reduced to a minimum and the overall modern form reflects elegance and quality. These aspects are brought out by using oiled beech. By bending over the tables’ surfaces, it’s managed to avoid more constructive parts.

Designer Stefanie Schissler | Germany

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