Arceas Fitness furniture by Simon Viau, Yoann Legaignoux & Thibaut Rouganne


“Arceas -  a fitness furniture to get in touch with nature”

In a society where well-being is essential, Arceas brings sport and nature together. The structure, similar to a rocky waterfall allows to install handles on the higher part and a rower on the lower part. There is also a floor mat which can be unfolded to practice all kinds of exercises with the handles. There is a multitude of movements which can be done while sitting, standing or even lying down. Thanks to the integrated timer, the user can plan out his entire session.

Once the floor mat is folded back, this architectural piece of furniture brings in a touch of relaxing vegetation to your interior. To fit in perfectly to your everyday life, the vegetation in the integrated flowerpots can be personalised, just like the colour of the structure and the floor mat. Your fitness material is not only functional, but also possesses a strong identity conveying elegance and personality.

Product designers Simon Viau | Yoann Legaignoux | Thibaut Rouganne | Nantes, France

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